CIPMEX publicado en Peace Studies Journal

El Centro de Investigación para la Paz México ha publicado nuevamente una de sus investigaciones a nivel internacional, esta vez en el Peace Studies Journal. La investigación se titula «Values, Perceptions, Conceptions, and Peacebuilding: A Qualitative Case Study of a Mexican Business», los participantes fueron Mauricio Meschoulam, Anne J. Hacker, Carolina de Benito, Cristina Blumenkron, Talia Raich, y Ana Cecilia Campos.

El abstract de la investigación es el siguiente:

The direct assault on criminal organizations by the Mexican government has not resulted in a morepeaceful country, a circumstance that continues to impact people’s sentiments about their safety.In previous studies, this research team qualitatively explored the social construction of perceptions regarding organized criminal violence and peace in Mexico. Personal experiences and observations were found to be the main social constructors of participant perceptions of criminal violence and peace. This paper represents the continuation of that research and involved 25 participants employed in a private corporation ranked as one of the top companies to work for in Mexico. We explored any variations between these participants and the initial 80 participants in the previous study. The results indicate that the patterns tend to repeat, suggesting that despite offering economic and labor incentives, training, and education programs, as well as taking other measures to establish a favorable working atmosphere, when the surrounding environment in which workers live is violent, those incentives may not be sufficient to generate overall positive peaceful sentiments among them. Only a comprehensive approach to peacebuilding may be


Si la investigación es de tu interés, puedes consultarla en el siguiente link del Peace Studies Journal, donde es la primera investigación publicada: