Our Work

The Center for Research for Peace Mexico (CIPMEX) aims to contribute with social research of the highest ethical and scientific quality in the generation of knowledge aimed at better understanding the phenomenon of lack of peace in Mexico and in other parts of the world , as well as its effects on our society with the ultimate aim of translating this knowledge into the design of proposals and concrete measures directed at the public sector, the private sector, the social sector, the academy, the media and society in general.

To meet academic, scientific and ethical quality levels, CIPMEX submits each and every one of its investigations to review, correction and eventual approval by experts at the national and / or international level. The proposals made are constantly shared in conferences, workshops or private sessions with officials, decision makers, our security forces personnel, with mothers and fathers, teachers, journalists, businessmen, academics and other experts.

Likewise, CIPMEX continuously contributes to the organization of conferences, events and dialogue tables both in Mexico and in other parts of the world, on national and international issues related to situations of conflict and violence, with an orientation towards peace building, including issues as alternative and divergent thinking to devise creative proposals to reflect on reconciliation, resolution, human rights and the building of structural conditions of peace.