About Us

The Mexico Research Center for Peace has its roots in 2 situations:

  • Given the situation of violence in which our country has been immersed for a few years, the need to produce more thorough research as the matter arises is vital. Therefore, it’s important for us to find a more systematized and scientific explanation for the circumstances that we are living in through a profound and extensive research that hasn’t existed before.
  • Likewise, to deepen the debate about violence and its impact on the society, we needed to translate the results of such research into concrete public policy proposals and other specific recommendations destined not only for the government and the public sector but also for the private sector, civil society associations, families, education institutions and universities, the media, and other academics. On the other hand, it was also necessary to reflect on the need to think holistically about what the lack of peace means for us and the possibilities for building it for future generations.

In other words, there was and still is a need to develop academic research that allows us to produce a more elaborate and structured knowledge of the phenomenon that we, as a Mexican society, are experiencing. It is also necessary, it is also required to build bridges between this type of knowledge and big decision makers and civil society in general, so that we can try to approach collaboratively the phenomenon related to the lack of peace and the measures that are required for its formation.