Ongoing Research

“La Cana” seeks to create opportunities for people who are in prison. They are responsible for providing jobs to women deprived of their freedom, who hardly manage to obtain a decent and productive job, in which they are economically remunerated.

Our research is currently ongoing.

Research problem:

These types of programs are not sufficiently explored in Mexico; in fact, we found very little exploration of these issues in Latin America.

Research questions: 

  1. What is the perception that the participants of these programs have about them and about their impact?
  2. Why does knowing  that perception?
  3. How is it that this perception is socially constructed and how far can this perception help us to measure the real impact of these programs?
  4. What can this case teach other organizations and experiences with similar goals for promoting the common goals of building structural peace conditions in our country?

The objective of the research is to deepen, beyond the journalistic reports or anecdotal experience, the results of the programs and workshops, through the systematization of the information gathered in deep interviews, their analysis, and conclusions. On the other hand, we seek to explore and provide strong areas and potential areas of opportunity within the workshops and programs. Thus, we achieve a double goal: first, we offer fresh evidence-based information to document the results of the work that “La Cana” performs, develop recommendations, and contribute to the enrichment of these programs and workshops. Second, we offer the academic community, journalism, and political and social sectors of the country, a case study that documents the scope of workshops and programs such as those that “La Cana” implements, thinking about replicating or improving them in order to help build conditions of structural peace in the country.

Research methodology:

This is qualitative research. In-depth interviews are carried out with 28 inmates from 3 different prisons and the 7 former prison inmates who continue to work with “La Cana”. We will use the Nvivo software to analyze these interviews in detail.